What are Retail Price Points (with examples)

For retailers, understanding what motivates customers and influences their purchase behavior is critical to survival. Generally, price is one of the top factors impacting sales volume. If a retailer charges too much, demand can plummet and hurt revenue. On the … Read More

Net Price and List Price: What is the Difference

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), price is the second most crucial factor influencing 30% of consumers buying decisions.  But most merchants and retailers struggle to strike a balance between different pricing models, including net price and list price.  … Read More

Demand-Based Pricing: Examples of a Smart Pricing Strategy

Have you ever wondered why airline tickets skyrocket during the holidays or why you can get flowy dresses and light shirts for more than half off in the winter? Well, retailers dictate these prices by a strategy known as demand-based … Read More