MAP Monitoring Software

We monitor your Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP) on marketplaces, aggregators, price comparison engines and direct websites.

Then we send this data and possible MAP violations to your inbox in an easy-to-read Excel report at the frequency of your choice.

Competitor Price Monitoring

As an eRetailer, you can monitor your competitors’ prices and receive a price change suggestion to be more competitive while retaining your profit margins.

As a Brand, you can see at what prices your competitors are being sold at and on which online stores, so you can find opportunities to expand your reseller network.

Custom Time Monitoring

Altosight provides custom time slots that the user chooses for when their price crawling will take place.

You choose at what time to run your daily price monitor and we set up the rest.


Dynamic Pricing (rePricer)

Our platform provides dynamic price optimization capabilities, leveraging advanced algorithms and market data to help users determine the most profitable pricing strategies

Choose a strategy from our templates or set up your custom repricing strategy.

Maximize your revenue and improve your competitiveness with data-driven pricing decisions.

Competitor Price Comparison

Altosight allows users to compare their prices with those of their competitors in a clear and concise manner.

Identify areas and low-hanging fruit opportunities where you can adjust your pricing strategy to gain a competitive advantage and increase your market share.

Assortment Tracking

Altosight allows users to monitor the product assortment of their competitors and compare it to their own.

Keep track of new product launches, discontinued items, and changes in product availability to make informed decisions about your inventory and pricing management.


Human-Like Crawlers

Our cutting edge, undetectable and human-like bot crawlers can crawl any website on the internet.

Harness our crawlers’ advanced features and extraction methods to uncover valuable insights.


Global Coverage

Our platform provides coverage for multiple countries, giving users the ability to analyze competitor data and market trends on a global scale.

Whether you operate locally or internationally, Altosight offers insights from a wide range of markets seamlessly.


Multiple Currencies

Altosight supports tracking prices in multiple currencies, allowing businesses to monitor competitors' or partners’ pricing strategies across different markets.

Assign a different Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) per currency so you can monitor multiple countries and price variations.


Custom Data Extraction Projects

Altosight offers custom data extraction projects tailored to the specific needs of each client.

If there's a particular dataset, website or field that you require, our team can help you extract, clean, and integrate the data into your Altosight account or other software infrastructure through API or FTP.



Machine Learning Product Matching & Discovery

You can give us the products you want to monitor and we will match them to the products in other websites through our AI algorithms.

We will also take into consideration data such as availability, product variations and more.


Customizable Reports

Users can personalize their reports according to their specific needs and preferences and not the other way around.

Customize what columns you see, formulas, key metrics, price variance and percentages to have a quick overview of the information that matters most to you.


Daily Email Reports

Keep your information at your fingertips with our daily Excel email reports, delivering comprehensive price and data analysis right to your inbox..

Customize your reports to suit your specific needs, empowering you with actionable insights tailored to your business.



Our platform supports API and FTP integration, allowing seamless data exchange with other business tools and systems.

Integrate Altosight with your existing infrastructure to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency.