Amazon MAP Monitoring & Enforcement

Protect your brand’s value and maintain a competitive edge with our comprehensive Amazon Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) monitoring and enforcement solution.

Altosight harnesses advanced technology and industry expertise to help brands effectively control MAP policy violations and prevent price erosion.

Superior Amazon MAP Monitoring

Altosight’s innovative MAP monitoring software identifies MAP policy violations on Amazon on a daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly schedule.

Using AI-powered technology and machine learning algorithms, we track millions of SKUs across various sellers and countries, alerting you whenever a violation occurs with a timestamp.

Our automated system scans the SKUs that you pick at your custom frequency and time, ensuring you never miss a price change that could threaten your brand’s integrity.

Our software also provides comprehensive reporting, offering insightful metrics to help you better understand pricing trends and violator behavior.

Partner with Altosight for Amazon MAP Protection

Altosight is committed to brand protection. We've been a trusted partner for numerous businesses seeking to enforce MAP policies on Amazon and other online platforms.


Our combination of innovative software, industry knowledge, and proven enforcement strategies make us the preferred choice for brands seeking superior MAP protection.

Experience the Altosight difference. Protect your brand from price erosion, uphold your brand image, and create a level playing field for all sellers.

Advanced Capabilities

Altosight’s advanced MAP monitoring software identifies MAP policy violations on Amazon in real time.

Utilizing AI-powered technology and machine-learning algorithms, we actively track millions of SKUs across various sellers, alerting you daily with a list of violations.

Our software provides comprehensive, in-depth reporting, offering insightful metrics to help you understand pricing trends and violator behavior.

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Real-Time Reporting and Access

To keep you updated, we provide daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly Excel reports complete with timestamps.

These reports can be delivered directly to your email, or you can access them through our intuitive web app or API, giving you full control over how and when you receive crucial MAP violation data.

Amazon Global Price Monitoring

The Amazon marketplace spans multiple countries, and so does our monitoring. We understand the necessity of a global perspective when it comes to MAP and BuyBox monitoring.

Hence, we actively monitor Amazon platforms in every country, ensuring you have complete oversight over your sellers and international pricing in different currencies.

Advanced BuyBox and Seller Monitoring

At Altosight, we understand the nuances of Amazon’s selling ecosystem. In addition to monitoring Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) pricing, we also track Amazon BuyBox winners and provide detailed seller information.

This gives you a deeper understanding of who is selling your products, enabling more strategic decision-making and more effective MAP enforcement. With this comprehensive approach, we empower your brand to maintain its reputation and uphold the value it provides to customers.

Hassle-Free Setup with ASIN

To simplify the process for our clients, all we require is the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) of your products. We leverage our technology to automatically locate your products on Amazon and begin monitoring.

This streamlined approach reduces setup time and lets us quickly start protecting your brand’s value and reputation.

Expansive Multi-Website Monitoring

While our service includes comprehensive Amazon MAP monitoring and enforcement, we understand that your brand might span across multiple online platforms.

That’s why Altosight offers the flexibility to include additional marketplaces and websites in our monitoring service. Whether you need to include major platforms such as eBay or Walmart, or specific niche websites, we’ve got you covered.

With Altosight, you can have total control and peace of mind across all your online sales channels.

Experience superior protection against price erosion and uphold your brand image.

Our pricing starts at just $49 / Month with no commitments!