Ecommerce Price Tracking Software


The ideal price tracker for brands & manufacturers with the highest accuracy in product matching (up to 100%).


Track your brand’s and competitors’ online prices from any ecommerce stores you need, along with any price violations and average weekly prices.


Altosight is ideal for brand managers and trade marketing managers of medium and big brands.



Price Tracking

We automatically track the prices of your products in any ecommerce store that you want and highlights any price violations.


Also, we compare your SKU prices with those of your competitors for your analysis and reports.


Receive reports as often as you want them to know your brand’s and competitor prices at all ecommerce stores at any time.


Get weekly averages for your brand and the competition to stay in the know of where the market is going.

Save Time

Eliminate manual tracking and earn more time for data analysis, reporting and strategizing.


Minimize potential product matching errors and keep your data fresh with our platform, which is powered by text and image machine learning.

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Secure Your Brand

Monitor your products’ prices and price violations over time on any ecommerce store that you want. Manage the partners that might hurt your brand by offering your products at extremely low prices.

Price Analytics & History

Watch your products’ prices over time on any ecommerce store that you work with, the average price over time and weekly average prices.

Competitive Analysis

Track your competitor SKUs’ prices and benchmark against your corresponding SKUs, so you can always keep your competitive edge.

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