Competitor Price & MAP Monitoring Software


The most accurate, AI-backed, price monitoring tool for manufacturers & ecommerce stores to track your competitors’ prices and your retail price violations.


You can monitor any ecommerce store or marketplace you want – our software can track even the most difficult websites. We automatically find new products and replace expired product links.


With our price intelligence software, you can even track Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) or Minimum Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) violations and enforce them.



Price Monitoring & Tracking

For brands, we automatically monitor the prices of your products in any ecommerce store that you want and highlight any retail price violations.


For ecommerce stores, we track your competitors’ product prices from their sites or other marketplaces, compare them with yours and calculate the difference.


Receive reports at least once per day, so you can know your brand’s and competitor prices any time. You can also import the information into your ERP or other systems.


Get weekly averages for your brand and your competition to stay in the know of where the market is going.

Save Time

Tracking thousands of products per day is virtually impossible. We can automate and scale the price tracking process, so you can have more time for data analysis, reporting and strategizing.


Minimize potential product matching errors and keep your data fresh automatically through our platform, which is powered by text and image machine learning.

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Track Your Minimum Advertised & Suggested Retail Price Violations (MAP & MSRP)

With our retailer price monitoring functionality you can track for each of your products their Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) and Minimum Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and their violations.


Retailer Price Violations Tracking

You can assign a minimum price for each of your products and receive alerts whenever an ecommerce store violates that price. You can also count the violations per retailer per week or month.

Protect Your Brand

Manage and limit the partners that hurt your brand and your relationships with other vendors by offering your products at extremely low prices. You can also track unauthorized sellers on major marketplaces like Amazon or Ebay.

Price Analytics & Historical Prices

Monitor your products’ prices over time on any ecommerce store or marketplace that you want to track, their average prices over time and per channel.

minimum advertised price map and minimum suggested retail price msrp retailer violations tracking

AI-Based Price Monitoring & Product Matching

Our product matching platform finds the correct products you want to track, based on their images and text using machine learning. The results are verified by a human.

Automatically Find Fresh Product Links

Product links from ecommerce stores or marketplaces can go bad or new product links might appear. With our price tracking software we can find them within 24 hours and keep your results fresh.

Product Matching With Machine Learning (AI) + Human Verification

Finding the correct product however it’s named through different ecommerce stores or languages can be difficult. Our product matching process uses Artificial Intelligence to do it and then a human verifies the results.

High Product Matching Accuracy (99.99% - 100%)

By using our proprietary product matching process we can achieve extremely high accuracy (between 99.99% and 100%) from your first month. Even if you track thousands of product links, after 3 months tops, accuracy will be at 100%.

product price monitoring charts and graphs

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