Track Any Ecommerce Store Accurately

Enjoy between 99.99% - 100% product matching accuracy.

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Price Tracking Tailored To Your Needs

Each business has different needs and workflows. Our software has a range of features and reports to serve your specific needs, instead of the other way around.

Multiple Report Formats

Our price tracking reports are available in multiple formats. From matrix reports for a quick overview to simple excel columns for data editing and filters, we’ve got you covered.

Daily, Weekly or Monthly

We track the prices that you want as often as you want. Whether you want more than one daily report or weekly/monthly reports with all the prices or their average prices, you can get it.

Available For All Ecommerce Stores

We can track any ecommerce store that you want. Really, any one. Just let us know which ones interest you and we will set it up for you.

Multiple Currencies & Countries

Most of our clients have a presence in more than one country. We tailor our reports per country or per currency or both. Any language is ok too.

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Price Tracking For Brands & Manufacturers

Whether you want to track the prices of your products to find the retailers’ price violations of your Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) or you want to track the price of the competitive products to yours, our software does it.

Get a price report as frequently as you need and see quickly the following:

  • Which of your retailers violate your MAP prices and how often
  • The prices of your competitors’ products
  • Compare the prices of your competitors to your respective SKUs
business reports for brands competitive price tracking

99.99% -100% Product Matching Accuracy

Different retailers name the same product differently. We match the correct product regardless of how each one describes it and we can track any ecommerce store that you want.

Different Report Formats

We tailor our reports to your needs. You can have a quick daily look at your matrix type report to quickly see MAP violations or get an excel report with different columns and tabs for easy importing to your systems and further analysis.

Competitive Price Tracking For Ecommerce Stores

As an ecommerce store owner or manager, you always want to keep track of your competitors’ prices to stay competitive. This task alone can take up a significant time of your workday.

Instead of clicking through each and every product of your competitors to check their prices, we can send you an automated report as many times per day as you need with the prices that are cheaper than yours, so you can lower your price if needed.

Not only that, but we can also include the prices that are higher than yours, so you can raise yours too and get that extra profit!

This can be done whether you are tracking the same product between many eshops or competing products with yours but from different brands.

This is especially useful for big marketplaces where the buyers are price sensitive.

competitive price tracking for ecommerce stores for marketplaces

Save Time For The Important Tasks

Tracking the prices of your competitors takes a lot of time, which could be spent doing more important tasks. Not to mention that it’s not possible for thousands of products.

Save time today and let our software do it for you.

Multi-Marketplace Support

We can track the prices of all marketplaces, currencies and your competing ecommerce stores. All in one (or more) daily report.

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