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Altosight's Founders

alex chaidaroglou

Alex Chaidaroglou


Alex has a background in digital marketing specializing in B2B SaaS products. He has been studying and doing digital marketing since 2012.

Specifically, he specializes in B2B Inbound and Content Marketing, Digital Outreach, Growth, Paid Acquisition and Analytics.

He blogs about SaaS marketing & digital marketing on his professional blog WeeklyGrowth.

stefanno rizzo cto

Stefano G. Rizzo


Stefano is a PhDc in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Bologna. He worked as a Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer on and off while studying, making the most use possible of unstructured data for a variety of clients.

He is an active researcher in the areas of Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, and Information Systems, publishing scientific papers and building prototype systems in these areas.

Applications he has worked on include search engines, text categorization, data scraping and mining, data fusion.

What Altosight Does

Brand's Price Fluctuations

Altosight tracks daily the prices the eshops sell your products for. If some of them offer steep discounts, this might damage your brand and your relationship with other e-retailers.

Once you know who are the online retailers that undersell your brand, you can take effective actions to limit this practice.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Our software is on the cloud. This means that you simply log in through our website and see the prices, your products and the eshops you are tracking. You can view them through your desktop, mobile or tablet.

You only need internet access, no need for installations or extra configuration. Export to an excel for internal use in your company.

Daily Email Reports

You don’t even have to log in to Altosight to watch your products’ prices per eshop. Every morning you will receive an email, with a nicely formatted excel attached. It will have all the information you need (listed price, % discount, etc) per eshop.

The manager will always have the pulse of the market as she can also see weekly average prices for both your and your competitors’ products.

Competition Intelligence

Are you in a highly competitive market with frequent price changes?

Fear not, because now you can not only track your competitors’ prices daily, but also monitor their products’ average weekly prices.

Now you know what’s going on and you can plan your actions accordingly.

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